Vertical Lime Kiln

Vertical lime kiln is also called vertical kiln lime or vertical shaft kiln for lime. It is a vertical static device for the decomposition of limestone to produce quicklime/burnt lime. Vertical lime kiln is suitable for projects with smaller quicklime capacity for its low cost implementation. The capacity range of Daswell vertical kiln lime is between 100 to 500 tons per day. It is a good answer for cost effective production of quicklime plant. Daswell machinery manufactures and supplies high quality vertical lime kiln with great durability and performance. We offer customized vertical shaft kiln for lime according to customers’ needs in capacity, end product quality and applications, etc. In fact, Daswell provides turnkey solutions for quicklime production plant, including the designing, planning and supplying relevant equipment.

vertical lime kiln manufacturer in china
Vertical Lime Kiln Manufacturer

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Key Features of Daswell Vertical Lime Kiln

  1. Production capacity range. Daswell vertical lime kiln can produce burnt lime from 100 to 500 tons per day. Customers can choose the fit one according to their needs.
  2. Compacted sizes. Compared with rotary lime kiln, it occupies less space, which means customers can save money on land using and construction sites.
  3. Wide range of raw material sizes. It can consume limestone with various sizes. Of course, to burn the limestone thoroughly, smaller sizes of limestone is advisable.
  4. High heat utilization efficiency. The lengths of Daswell vertical lime kilns often can range from 18.5m to 30.5m. In light of the respective short lengths, the thermal diffusion of the vertical lime kiln can be low.
  5. Use of alternative fuels. Daswell vertical lime kiln have many fuel options, such as oil, natural gas, coal and so on.
  6. Fuel efficiency. The fuel can burn efficiently due to the unique design and high technology of Daswell vertical lime kiln.
  7. Easy to control. Daswell vertical shaft kiln for lime is controlled by PLC systems, so that you can monitor the whole calcining process and make easy adjustments.
  8. Quality quicklime. It can produce uniform burnt lime with great whiteness. And the vertical kiln production line often works with hydrated lime plant. That is the quicklime made from the vertical lime kiln will treated as raw material to react with water to produce slaked lime. Of course, end product quicklime can be used in other industries too.
    vertical kiln lime production line
    Vertical Shaft Kiln for Lime

    vertical shaft lime kiln technology
    Vertical Kiln Lime

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Daswell Vertical Lime Kiln Manufacturer

Henan Daswell machinery company is a serious player in mineral processing industries. We offer tailored solutions for ground calcium carbonate grinding plant, quicklime plant, slaked lime plant and ground silica plant. Daswell helps customers with the designing and planning of their mineral process plants. And we also supply them with our own high quality complete set of machinery for the processing plants. In all, with rich experience and great professionalism, Daswell has delivered successful mineral process plants from concept to reality around the world.

Vertical lime kiln, along with rotary lime kiln, is a core equipment for the lime calcination plant. As usual, committed to high quality, Daswell manufactures and supplies durable and reliable vertical lime kiln for lime production plant. Daswell vertical lime kiln can be customized in lengths and diameters to meet customers’ needs. Besides, the vertical shaft kiln for lime made by Daswell is carefully designed in every part to be cost effective and energy saving.

Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln Technology

Along with rotary lime kiln, vertical lime kiln technology is vital for quicklime production plant. And compared with lime rotary kiln technology, vertical lime kiln technology is simple in construction and design. It used to think that vertical lime kiln can not burn the limestone inside more thoroughly than rotary lime kiln. However, Daswell vertical lime kiln technology has underwent constant technological innovations and is kept up with technology development. As a result, Daswell vertical shaft lime kiln can produce high quality burnt lime with high uniformity and consistency. In all, Daswell vertical lime kiln is cost effective, durable and reliable equipment for lime calcination plant with low energy consumption. And it is the suitable solution for lime production plant with low capacity requirements.

vertical lime kiln design
Vertical Lime Kiln Manufacturer

vertical shaft lime kiln technology
Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln Technology

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Vertical Kiln for Lime Plant Design

Unlike rotary lime kiln, vertical lime kiln is a static steel vessel for the calcination of limestone to produce quicklime. And inside the vertical shaft kiln for lime, there are several insulating layers, the permanent lining and wear lining. These refractory materials in the vertical lime kiln can protect the vertical lime kiln shell from damaging for high temperature, and decrease thermal diffusion to save energy. And the vertical lime kiln can be divided into three zones: preheating, calcining and cooling zones. By going through these three zones one by one, the limestone will be thoroughly burnt to produce quicklime while the carbon dioxide will drive off the kiln by air blowers. The sizes of Daswell vertical lime kiln are variable and can be customized according to customers’ needs in production capacity and so on.

Vertical Lime Kiln Process

The manufacturing process of quicklime plant with vertical lime kiln includes crushing, calcining and delivering and packing. First the quarried limestone is crushed to small sizes and be washed and sifted for use. Here are the exact vertical kiln process or operation. The limestone of required sizes is fed from the top of the vertical lime kiln, from where it will move downward through the vertical lime kiln by gravity. That is, the limestone will go through the preheating, calcining and cooling zones in the kiln. And the fuel is introduced from the bottom of the vertical lime kiln. Then the decomposition of limestone takes place in the vertical lime kiln, whereby limestone is split into quicklime and carbon dioxide which will be driven off the kiln through vent devices. Finally, the quicklime will be transported to the product silo. Of course, there are also dust collectors and other devices.

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