Lime Vertical Cooler

The lime vertical cooler is often attached to the lower end of rotary lime kiln. Lime vertical cooler for rotary lime kiln has two main functions. One is to cool down burnt lime that has been treated in rotary lime kiln. In fact, the quicklime will be cooled down 60 degrees above the surrounding air so that the lime product can be handled by belt conveyor.  The other function is to preheat the secondary combustion air. Since the air flow in the rotary lime kiln is counter flow, the functions of the cooler for lime rotary kiln can save energy. Daswell cooler is especially designed for rotary lime kiln system. And it is an efficient heat recovery equipment for lime plant.

Lime Vertical Cooler
Vertical Cooler for Quicklime Plant

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Features of Daswell Lime Vertical Cooler

  • Robust design. Daswell lime cooler is made of high quality steel and other materials so that they can be durable and reliable equipment for long term.
  • Compact design. Daswell cooler for rotary lime kiln occupies less space, which can save costs on construction.
  • High efficiency. Daswell lime cooler can cool down the lime product extensively and evenly for further handling.
  • High heat recovery efficiency. Daswell cooler for rotary lime kiln can recover heat with great efficiency. Due to the counter-currency of air flow in the preheater rotary lime kiln, the lime cooler can cool the quicklime evenly and preheat the secondary combustion air.
  • PLC control. The quicklime bed level and the temperature of discharged burnt lime can be controlled by PLC system.

Daswell Vertical Lime Cooler for Rotary Kiln

Daswell machinery provides efficient vertical lime cooler for rotary lime kiln. Together with preheater, the cooler is the high heat recovery efficiency equipment for rotary lime kiln. It can not only cool the quicklime processed in the rotary lime kiln but also can preheat the secondary combustion air for lime calcining in the kiln. Daswell  cooler for rotary lime kiln is build to be durable and reliable equipment that can work for a long time. Besides, the lime vertical cooler is not only an integral part of modern lime plant with rotary lime kiln, but also is crucial equipment for quicklime plant retrofit.

How does Cooler for Rotary Lime Kiln Work

Daswell vertical cooler for lime kiln is a stationary vessel, attached to the lower end of limestone rotary kiln. The firing hood is on top and at the bottom there is discharge feeder. The interior of the lime cooler is covered with refractory materials. Inside the vertical cooler system, there are cooling air distributors inside and the cooler itself. And there is discharge feeder at the bottom.

From the lower end of rotary lime kiln, the quicklime processed in the kiln will be directed into the vertical cooler. At first, the ambient air enters into the lower chamber of the lime cooler though cooling air inlet. Then the cooling air will reach the bed level of quicklime. In order to cool the lime product evenly, the quicklime bed level in the vertical cooler is controlled by PLC based system and constant air flow is provided from cooler air fan. And to control the temperature of lime product, there are also devices mounted to sense the product temperature. Finally, the quicklime with proper temperature will be discharged from the discharge feeders. After the cooling process, the quicklime will be cool to 60 degrees plus ambient air so that belt conveyors can handle this material without damage. Except for cooling the brunt lime, during the cooling process, the vertical cooler for rotary lime kiln can preheat the ambient air prior transferring into the limestone rotary kiln. So due to the counter flow the air in the lime plant with rotary kiln, the lime vertical cooler can recover heat and save energy for lime plant.

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