What Is Calcium Carbonate Used For?

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Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound commonly known as limestone, stone powder, marble, etc. Its main ingredient is calcite. The chemical formula is CaCO3. According to different production methods, the calcium carbonate can be divided into heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate. Heavy calcium carbonate is ground from natural carbonate minerals, such as calcite, … Read more

The Wide Use Of Powder Packaging Machine

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In recent years, the powder packaging machine becomes more and more popular. Why? This is not only because of its high level of automation, which can effectively improve the working efficiency, but also it has a very wide range of applications.

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How To Choose A Right Powder Surface Coating Machine

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The powder surface coating machine is also called powder surface modification machine. There are many types on the market. If you are a new investor or you don’t know about this machine before, it is a little difficult for you to choose a right mineral powder surface coating machine.

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How to Manufacture Ground Calcium Carbonate

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Ground calcium carbonate is a versatile industrial material that has been applied in many different sectors, such as paper making, painting, plastic industry and so on. And with development of modernization and industrialization, these industries have been the integral parts of modern life. Accordingly, there is continuously demand of ground calcium carbonate powder. More and … Read more

How does a Lime Kiln Work

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A lime kiln is used for calcination of limestone (calcium carbonate) to produce quicklime also called burnt lime. And the chemical formula is CaCO₃+ heat = CaO +CO₂. Usually, the heat is around 900℃ , but a temperature around 1000℃ makes the calcination process more quickly. Of course, the temperature can not be too high … Read more

How to Choose a Suitable Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

There are two ways to make fine and ultra fine ground calcium carbonate powder. One is dry grinding of calcium carbonate and the other is wet grinding. For commercial manufacturing, dry grinding of calcium carbonate involves crushing and grinding basic materials such as limestone or marble. And there are several kinds of calcium carbonate grinding … Read more

How Can Calcium Hydroxide be Made from Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock abundant on earth, which is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) and many other minerals. Calcium hydroxide is also called hydrated lime, lime hydrate or slaked lime, whose chemical formula is Ca(OH)₂and it is the product of  reaction between quicklime and water. Then how can limestone turn into calcium hydroxide? … Read more

Ball Mill System with Classifier for Producing Calcium Carbonate

Ball Mill and Classifier for Calcium Carbonate Plant

When it comes to grinding calcium carbonate, there are many ways with different grinding mills. However, of all these ways, ball mill combined with classifier is one of the most used way for manufacturing ground calcium carbonate powder. For paired with classifier, calcium carbonate ball mill can produce high quality ultra fine ground calcium carbonate … Read more

Dry Grinding of Calcium Carbonate

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Dry grinding of calcium carbonate means to obtain ground calcium carbonate powder by grinding slumps of limestone or marble, rather than the slurry version. To grind calcium carbonate in a dry way, a calcium carbonate plant often includes a set of machinery, such as grinding mill, conveying device, classifier, dust collector, silos and so on. … Read more