Quicklime Plant

Quicklime plant is also known as quicklime calcination plant and quicklime production plant. In fact, the whole plant is built around the calcining of lime. When calcium carbonate is heated, it decomposes into calcium oxide, which is quicklime and carbon dioxide. The calcination of lime is often carried out in lime kiln at temperature of between 800 and 1000℃. And usually the commercial quicklime plant manufactures burnt lime or quicklime from limestone. Quicklime lime is a widely used mineral material in various industry, so there is great need for quicklime calcining plant. Daswell machinery offers tailored turnkey solutions for quicklime plant, including the plant designing and relevant equipment supply.

lime calcination plant

Lime Calcination Plant

Lime calcination plant is also known as quicklime plant, lime processing plant, lime production plant or quicklime production plant. Lime calcination plant is a complete quicklime production line to produce quicklime(also known as burnt lime)by calcination of limestone which contains ...
lime calcining plant upgrade

Lime Calcining Plant Upgrade

Nowadays, when it comes to rotary lime kiln production line for lime calcining plant, people want the production line to be of high production capacities with low operating and capital expenditure. Besides, there are also mounting requirements for environmental protection ...
rotary lime kiln manufactuer

Rotary Lime Kiln

Rotary lime kiln is also called lime rotary kiln or limestone rotary kiln. It is used for the calcination of limestone to make quicklime. And specifically speaking, it is a slightly horizontal device that can rotate continuously to burn down ...
vertical shaft lime kiln technology

Vertical Lime Kiln

Vertical lime kiln is also called vertical kiln lime or vertical shaft kiln for lime. It is a vertical static device for the decomposition of limestone to produce quicklime/burnt lime. Vertical lime kiln is suitable for projects with smaller quicklime ...
vertical preheater

Vertical Preheater

Daswell vertical preheater is an important heat recovery equipment of modern lime calcination plant. It is usually attached to the end of rotary lime kiln. Daswell vertical preheater preheats/pre-calcines limestone feed by using the exhaust hot gases from the limestone ...
Lime Vertical Cooler

Lime Vertical Cooler

The lime vertical cooler is often attached to the lower end of rotary lime kiln. Lime vertical cooler for rotary lime kiln has two main functions. One is to cool down burnt lime that has been treated in rotary lime ...

Quicklime Production Plant Cost

For the cost of establishing a quicklime production plant, it includes many sectors. For example, there is cost for construction site of the quicklime plant, the cost of calcining plant equipment and raw material, the labor cost, the energy consumption and so on. These costs depend on various factors, such as quicklime plant capacity, choice of equipment, property of raw material, desired quality of final quicklime, whether the plant is fully automatic or not, and so on. So to get a general idea of the costs of quicklime plant, you should give a thorough consideration of these factors. And according to customers’ requirements, Daswell will offer an estimated costs of the quicklime production plant.

Equipment for Quicklime Plant

As for the equipment for quicklime calcination plant, there is a complete set of machinery. For instance, there are crushers, feeders, conveying system, lime kiln, silos, dust collectors, packing machines and so on.

And the core equipment is lime kiln. Generally, there are two kinds of lime kilns. One is rotary lime kiln and the other is vertical shaft lime kiln.

There are several things in common between the rotary lime kiln and rotary lime kiln. First, they can both work alone to preheat and calcine the limestone and cool down the final quicklime. For these lime kilns themselves contain these three chambers respectively. And then the working principle for these lime kilns are the same: to calcine limestone in high temperature to make burnt lime while drive off the carbon dioxide generated in the heating process. And the inside of these lime kilns are lined with refractory bricks to reduce heat waste and protect the equipment.

The differences between rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln are as follows. The rotary lime kiln is a horizontal cylinder , sometimes it is inclined with one end higher than the other, that can rotate to calcine the limestone. While the vertical lime kiln, as its name implies, is a vertical cylinder. And in light with these different forms, rotary lime kiln tends to have larger capacity than the vertical lime kiln. For the lime rotary kiln can be very long while the vertical lime kiln is limited in length due to the processing quality of limestone. However, for rotary lime kiln, there are also other concerns such as low efficiency and high energy consumption. And to solve these questions, modern quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln is upgraded. Specifically speaking, there are extra vertical preheater and vertical cooler available. And they can work together with rotary lime kiln to reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency and reduce the length of rotary lime kiln itself.

Quicklime Manufacturing Process

The quicklime calcination plant includes many sectors to process limestone so as to get quicklime. Generally, there are crushing process, conveying process, preheating process, calcining process, cooling process, de-dusting and packing process. Firstly, quarried limestone will be crushed in primary and secondary crushers to obtain required sizes of feed limestone. Then the limestone will go through stages that can reject ones that is undersized. And then the feed limestone will be directed into raw material silo through bucket elevator. Through vibrating feeder, feed limestone will enter into the vertical preheater or vertical lime kiln for the preheating. In this process, the hot exhausted air from the lime kiln will preheat the feed limestone to certain degrees so that they can be partially. And then in the calcining process, the partially burnt limestone is calcined for set time period so that it can be burnt thoroughly to make quicklime. Next, the hot quicklime will be cooled by the cool air, so it can be handled by conveyors. Then, the quicklime will go through dust collectors such as bag filters. After that, the quicklime will be stored in product silo waiting for packing.

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