Lime Calcination Plant

Lime calcination plant is also known as quicklime plant, lime processing plant, lime production plant or quicklime production plant. Lime calcination plant is a complete quicklime production line to produce quicklime(also known as burnt lime)by calcination of limestone which contains mainly calcium carbonate. As quicklime or burnt lime is versatile material in industrial applications, many businessmen make forays into quicklime production plant. However, to build a lime production plant with high efficiency needs professional knowledge as well as reliable lime processing machinery. And Daswell machinery is here for you! Daswell has rich experience in designing and planning quicklime plant according to customer’s needs in capacity, end product quality and other requirements. Besides, Daswell provides tailored quality equipment for your lime production plant.

quicklime production plant
Calcined Lime Plant

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Features of Daswell Quicklime Plant

  1. Turnkey solutions. Daswell machinery offers tailored solutions for quicklime production plant, including designing, planning and providing lime processing machinery.
  2. Different plant sizes available. The Daswell lime processing plant can produces quality burnt lime 100-800 ton per day. We will design quicklime plants and supply relevant equipment according to your needs.
  3. High capacity with low energy consumption. Daswell lime calcination plant can large quantity of quality quicklime with low energy consumption. For example, in the quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln, Daswell also provides vertical pre-heater and cooler, which can save great energy.
  4. Stable operation. The Daswell quicklime production line works in negative pressure which ensures smooth airflow and safe operation.
  5. PLC operation. Daswell lime calcination plant is controlled by computer so that you can check all the sections to ensure smooth operation.
  6. Various energy materials available. Daswell lime production plant can use various energy materials, such as coal, gas, and others.
  7. Quality end product. Daswell lime processing plant can produce uniform quicklime with high whiteness.
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    Lime Calcining Plant Upgrade

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    Lime Kiln Manufacturer

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    Rotary Lime Kiln

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    Vertical Preheater

    Daswell vertical preheater is an important heat recovery equipment of modern lime calcination plant. It is usually attached to the end of rotary lime kiln. Daswell vertical preheater preheats/pre-calcines limestone feed by using the exhaust hot gases from the limestone ...
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    Lime Vertical Cooler

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Daswell Lime Processing Plant Supplier

Henan Daswell machinery is a leading designer and manufacturer in mineral processing, such as calcium carbonate plant, quicklime plant, slaked lime plant and silica processing plant. Daswell has professional workers and expertise, who are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for mineral processing plant and making quality machinery. And we have finished several successful plant projects all around the world. As for the quicklime production plant, Daswell offers tailor-made turnkey solutions, including designing, planning production line and providing customized equipment. There is no one-for-all solution for lime processing plant. For customers can have different needs in production capacity, quality of the end product, the applications of quicklime and so on. For the lime processing machinery, Daswell provides high quality lime kilns, dust collectors, transferring devices, pre-heater, coolers and other equipment in line with customer’s needs. Committed to offering the fitful solutions for quicklime making plant, Daswell has successfully finished several lime production plant projects around the world.

Daswell Lime Manufacturing Process

The main operation principle of quicklime production plant is the decomposition or calcination of limestone which contains mainly calcium carbonate. In the calcination process, when calcium carbonate is heated with high but appropriate temperature, the calcium carbonate decomposes into quicklime(CaO) and carbon dioxide(CO₂).

For the manufacturing process of quicklime plant, there are several stages: crushing, calcining, de-dusting and packing. As for the specific quicklime manufacturing processes, they are different in quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln and with vertical lime kiln.

lime calcination plant
Rotary Lime Kiln Quicklime Plant

lime calcination plant manufacturers
Vertical Lime Kiln Quicklime Plant

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Quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln:

In the lime processing plant with rotary lime kiln, it is advisable to add vertical preheater and vertical cooler. For the perheater can use the hot air from rotary lime kiln to heat the limestone so that some of the limestone can decompose. And then they are transported to the rotary lime kiln which can save energy to burn the limestone. For the cooler, it can cool the burnt lime to about 60℃. So the process can be a little complex than the lime production line with vertical lime kiln. Firstly, the sifted limestone of required sizes is transferred to the silo in pre-heater by belt conveyor. Then in the pre-heater, the limestone is pre-heated to about 900 degrees, through which about 30%-40% of limestone will decompose. Then the preheated limestone is transferred to the heating rotary lime kiln. At the other end of rotary lime kiln, which is also material outlet, the energy material is put in though fire furnace. After the calcination process in rotary lime kiln, the burnt lime is transported to vertical cooler. Then the cooled quicklime will be transferred to product silo. Of course, to eliminate pollution, there are also dust collectors, pollutant air chimney.

Quicklime plant with vertical lime kiln:

The quicklime manufacturing process of quicklime plant with vertical kiln is mostly the same with that of lime calcination plant with rotary lime kiln.

Compared with the process of quicklime plant with vertical lime kiln, manufacturing process of quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln is more simple. There is no need for pre-heater and cooler, for the vertical lime kiln can respective chambers to pre-heat the limestone and cool down the burnt lime. As for other procedures, they are the same with lime calcination plant with rotary lime kiln.

Lime calcining plant with rotary lime kiln technical parameter:

Capacity (t/d)15020025030040050060080010001200
MaterialQuick Lime
Preheater4 Pusher head6 Pusher head8 Pusher head12 Pusher head14 Pusher head18 Pusher head22 Pusher head
Rotary KilnKiln Size (m)ø2.5×40ø2.8×42ø3.0×48ø3.2×54ø3.4×54ø4.0×52ø4.0×60ø4.5×64ø4.9×70ø5.24×72
Burning Temperature (°C)1350/12501350/12501350/12501350135013501350135013501350
Blocking-wheel ModeHydraulic or MechanicalHydraulic
CoolerVertical Cooler
FuelCoal, Coal Gas, Natural Gas, Diesel Oil, Heavy Oil
Heat Consumption (KJ/KgCaO)5300/50005300/50005300/50005200520051005100481048104810

Daswell Lime Processing Plant Machinery

Lime production plant contains a complete set of machinery, including lime kilns, dust collectors, conveying devices, blowers and so on. It is well known that the decomposition of limestone is often done in lime kilns such as rotary lime kiln or vertical lime kiln. So lime kiln is the core equipment of the quicklime production line. Daswell manufactures two kinds of lime kilns: rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln. For quicklime plant with rotary lime kiln, there are also vertical pre-heator to heat the limestone previously before going into the rotary lime kiln and vertical cooler to cool down the burnt lime from the kiln. When it comes to quicklime production plant with vertical shaft kiln, there is no need for extra preheator and cooler, for the vertical lime kiln is composed of these sectors. Except for the lime kiln, there is same need for other equipment, such as crushing and screening machines, dust collectors, conveying devices, product silos, blowers, firing systems and other machines. Daswell machinery provides reliable and durable lime processing machinery in line with customer’s specific needs in capacity, product applications and so on.

Quicklime plant with vertical lime kiln technical parameter:

ModelCapacity (t/d)Effective volume (m³)Volume production (t/m³·d)

Applications of Quicklime

What is quicklime used for? The major use of quicklime is in steel making industry to neutralize the acidic oxides. Besides, ground quicklime can be used to produce aerated concrete blocks. And when reacted with water, quicklime can produce hydrated lime which also can be used in many industry. Daswell quicklime production plant can produce high quality quicklime with great uniform and purity. And the lime calcination plant of Daswell are of high efficiency, producing high capacity of quicklime with low energy consumption. With the development of modernization worldwide, quicklime is in urgent need. So it is of great economic value to build quicklime plant. And Daswell machinery is always here for you.

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