Lime Hydration Plant

Lime hydration plant is a production line to produce slaked lime through the chemical reaction between quicklime and water. For when the burnt lime is added with water, it can produce hydrated lime and heat. Slaked lime is a useful industrial mineral that widely used in construction, water and soil treatment and other areas. So it is of great economic value to build a hydrated lime production line. And often the lime hydration plant can work with quicklime plant with vertical lime kiln, so that the quicklime produced can serve as raw material for the lime hydration system. Daswell has rich experience and professional knowledge to design and build a tailored lime hydration plant for you.

lime hydration equipment
Lime Hydration Plant

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Daswell Lime Hydration System

Daswell machinery offers turnkey solutions for lime hydration plant in capacities ranging from 3 to 30 tph. We not only provides plant designing and planning, but also offers quality equipment for lime hydrating plant. Daswell has many experience in delivering tailored lime hydration systems for customers all over the world. Currently, we offer two kinds of lime hydration systems, one is simple lime hydration system while the other one is more advanced one with automatic control system. According to clients’ needs, Daswell will provide the best suited solution for your calcium hydroxide production line. For the lime hydration machinery, they are all made of robust design so as to work for a long period of time. And we also pay great attention to innovate and develop our lime hydration system to improve the cost efficiency.

hydrated lime production line
Lime Hydration System

slaked lime production process
Lime Hydrating Plant

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Lime Hydrating Plant Machinery

The hydrated lime processing plant consists of a complete set of equipment. There are lime hydrator, which is a piece of important equipment. Of course, according to customers’ needs in the quality of slaked lime, there can be two and even three lime hydrators to slaking the quicklime. And there is also air classifier served as the lime hydrate separator. Besides, there is weight control feeder, such as weight belt feeder, electronic screw feeder, etc. What’s more, there are conveying machines, like belt elevator, chain elevator, screw conveyor and so on to handling the mineral. And there is also bag dust collector so as to keep a clean working environment. Finally, there is the automatic control system, which can allow operators monitor the whole lime hydration process.

hydrated lime production

calcium hydroxide production line
Control System for Lime Hydration Plant

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Lime Hydration Process

Firstly, through bucket elevator, the crushed quicklime is transported to raw material silo for use. Then the quicklime will be fed into the lime hydrator at controlled rate through weight feeder. At the same time, appropriate amount of water is also metered into the lime hydrator. As there are shafts in the lime hydrator, the lime and water is mixed. And to obtain high quality slaked lime, there are also secondary and tertiary lime hydrators so that the quicklime and water is thoroughly mixed. Besides, in the lime hydrating process, heat is also generated which can drive off excess water as steam. And so there is powdery slaked lime in the end. Of course, there may be residue left due to the impurities in quicklime. And these grit should be periodically cleaned to ensure the smooth operation of the lime hydration system. After the slaked lime is produced, it will be transferred to air classifier through bucket elevator. In the classifier, the slaked lime powder is further cut in sizes. While the large sizes fall down due to gravity, the smaller slaked lime powder is carried up by the circulating air inside. Then the desired fineness of slaked lime will be transferred to product silo waiting for being packed, and the coarse powder will be collected for another round of hydration.

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