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Lime kiln is also known as quicklime kiln or limestone kiln. And according to shapes and operation principles, there are rotary lime kilns and vertical lime kilns. Quicklime kiln is the core equipment of quicklime plant to burn limestone to produce quicklime or burnt lime. Lime kiln has been used for this application for long time. However, lack of high technology as well as quality materials, the traditional lime kilns often consumes lot of energy in the lime manufacturing process. With the development of high technology and quality materials, modern limestone kilns are more cost efficient than the traditional ones. As a professional lime kilns manufacturer, Daswell machinery provides high quality lime kilns, whether the rotary lime kiln or the vertical kiln, producing high capacity of uniform quicklime with low energy consumption.

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Limestone Rotary Kiln

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Designs and Options of Daswell Lime Kilns

Both rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln are available. Daswell provides both modern rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln with great durability, reliability and optimum performance.

  • Customized solutions. Daswell offers tailored solutions for lime production plant, including designing, planning and providing relevant equipment. Daswell lime kilns are also designed and manufactured to meet customer’s needs.
  • Cost-efficiency. Both rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln can produce high capacity of quality quicklime with low energy consumption.
  • Easy to control. Daswell lime kilns are controlled by computer so it is easy to monitor the whole operation.
  • High quality lime kilns. Daswell lime kilns, both rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln, are made of high quality materials. For example, the outside of the lime kilns are built of robust steel and inner side of the quicklime kilns are lined with quality refractory materials.
  • Various fuels available. Daswell lime kilns can use various fuels, such as coal, kerosene, natural gas, oil and others.

Daswell Limestone Kilns Manufacturer

Henan Daswell machinery company is a leading lime kiln manufacturer in China. We provide customized rotary lime kilns and vertical lime kilns according to your needs. With constant development and innovation, Daswell lime kilns are of robust designs with quality materials, so that they can be durable and reliable equipment for your quicklime plant. Besides, as a professional lime kiln manufacturer, Daswell always puts cost efficiency of lime production plant first and the lime kilns of Daswell are designed to be cost efficient, producing high capacity of quicklime with low energy consumption. So every part of Daswell lime kiln is carefully considered, such as the refractory lines in the lime kiln, preheater and cooler for rotary lime kiln, fuels and so on. And the sizes of lime kilns are designed according to customer’s needs in production capacity. In fact, except for providing high quality lime kilns, Daswell machinery offers tailored solutions for quicklime plant, including previous designing and planning in line with customer’s needs.

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Vertical Lime Kiln

Vertical lime kiln is also called vertical kiln lime or vertical shaft kiln for lime. It is a vertical static device for the decomposition of limestone to produce quicklime/burnt lime. Vertical lime kiln is suitable for projects with smaller quicklime ...
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Rotary Lime Kiln

Rotary lime kiln is also called lime rotary kiln or limestone rotary kiln. It is used for the calcination of limestone to make quicklime. And specifically speaking, it is a slightly horizontal device that can rotate continuously to burn down ...

Limestone Kiln Process

The working principles of limestone kilns are the same for rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln. It is well known that limestone contains mainly calcium carbonate. And when calcium carbonate is heated at proper high temperatures, usually above 1000 degrees, the decomposition of calcium carbonate will produce quicklime and carbon dioxide. And the burnt lime is the end product.

For the modern rotary lime kiln with preheater and cooler, the sifted limestone will first go to the preheater. In the preheater, the hot air from the rotary lime kiln will preheat the limestone to about 800 degrees, which as a result saves lot of energy as well as money. Then the limestone will be transferred to the rotary lime kiln. After the constant rotating of rotary lime kiln for required time, the thoroughly burnt lime will be transported to the cooler. From there, the hot quicklime will be cooled down so that they can be packed.

As for the vertical lime kiln, it contains three parts from up to down: preheating, calcining and cooling. When the limestone is feed from the top of vertical lime kiln, the limestone will go through these three parts and become burnt lime. Finally, the quicklime will be discharged from the low end of the vertical lime kiln.

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Rotary Lime Kiln for Quicklime Plant

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Vertical Lime Kiln Manufacturer

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Differences between Rotary Lime Kiln and Vertical Lime Kiln

The differences of rotary lime kiln and vertical lime kiln lie in that they are different in shapes and constructions. The rotary lime kiln is slightly inclined to horizontal and rotates on a set of riding rings. Traditionally, in order to burn down the limestone thoroughly, rotary lime kiln is often very long. However, modern rotary lime kiln tends to be shorter and is equipped with pre-heater and cooler to save energy as well enhance quicklime plant efficiency. For the vertical shaft lime kiln, as the name implies, is vertical. And all the processes can be done in the vertical lime kiln alone. As for capacity, rotary lime kiln can produce quicklime with larger capacity than vertical lime kiln. Daswell rotary lime kiln can produce quicklime 150-1200 ton/day, while the capacity of vertical lime kiln is 100-500 ton/day.

How to Choose Lime Kilns

As stated above, Daswell provides both rotary lime kilns and vertical lime kilns. And all these lime kilns can be customized according to customer’s needs. So how can you choose a proper lime kiln? There are several factors to consider.

  1. End product quality. The quality of quicklime can affect which lime kilns to choose. It is thought that rotary lime kiln can burn limestone more thoroughly than vertical lime kiln.
  2. End product applications. The use of quicklime can impact what types of lime kiln you want for your lime calcination plant. Usually, the quicklime produced from vertical lime kiln can be used to produce hydrated lime by reacting with water.
  3. Production capacity. Daswell rotary lime kilns can produce high capacity of burnt lime about 150-1200 ton/day, while the vertical lime kilns can produce quicklime 100-500 ton/day.
  4. The properties of raw materials. The quality of limestone can affect the quality end product which in return impact which types of lime kiln you want.

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