Hydrated Lime Plant

Hydrated lime plant is also called lime hydration plant, hydrated lime production line or quicklime hydration plant. Hydrated lime is also known as slaked lime, and its chemical name is called calcium hydroxide. It is the product of quicklime reaction with water. Slaked lime is versatile mineral that is widely used in many industries, such as water treatment, gold recovery and so on. In all, hydrated lime is of great economic value, and it is in increasing demand around the world. It is shrewd to build your own hydrated lime plant. Daswell hydrated lime production line includes a complete set of durable equipment to produce slaked lime in great quantity industrially. And we provides customized solutions for quicklime hydration plant, including plant designs and plans, and equipment supply.

hydrated lime plant
Lime Hydration Plant

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Features of Daswell Lime Hydration Plant

  1. Rich experience. Daswell has severed in mineral processing industry for many years. And we have finished several successful plant projects worldwide. As a result, we have the professional knowledge to design and plan the lime hydration plant according to customers’ needs.
  2. High quality slaked lime. Daswell lime hydration plant can produce quality hydrated lime with great whiteness and high uniformity.
  3. Robust designs. Daswell quicklime plant is consisted of quality hydrated lime machines, so that the hydrated lime production line can work continuously for long term with high efficiency.
  4. PLC control system. Daswell hydrated lime plant is fully controlled by computer so that you can monitor the whole process and make relevant adjustments.
  5. Tailored solutions. Daswell machinery offers end-to-end solutions for lime hydration plant in line with the needs of customers.
  6. Great capacity ranges. Daswell slaked lime plant can make production capacity with 3 ton/hour to 30 ton/hour. We can make customized solutions according to clients’ needs.
    hydrated lime plant manufacturers
    Quicklime Hydration Plant

    hydrated lime manufacturing process
    Hydrated Lime Production Process

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    Daswell Slaked Lime Plant Manufacturer

    Henan Daswell machinery company is professional player in mineral processing, such as ground calcium carbonate plant, quicklime plant, hydrated plant and ground silica grinding plant. Daswell machinery designs and manufactures hydrated lime plants with great professional knowledge and rich experience. We offers tailor-made solutions for lime hydration plant according to customers’ needs. Except for designing and planning the hydrated lime plant, Daswell also provides complete set of durable hydrated lime machine. Daswell hydrated lime plants can produce high quality slaked lime with great uniformity and purity. So if you want to build lime hydration plant, you can contact Daswell any time available for you.

    automatic hydrated lime plant
    Hydrated Lime Processing Plant

    slaked lime production process
    Automatic Lime Hydration Process

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    Hydrated Lime Plant Machinery

    Daswell hydrated lime plant includes a complete set of slaked lime equipment, including crushing, transferring, mixing devices, hydration devices, dust collecting, packing systems and so on. So there are responding hydrated lime machines. For example, there are raw material hopper to store quicklime. Then there is crusher to crush the raw material to required sizes. Bucket elevator will transfer the quicklime to burnt lime silo. And then through weighing scale, quicklime will be fed to primary, secondary and even tertiary hydrator to hydrate the quicklime with water. To collect dust, there are dust collectors and blowers. Then there is product silo to store the hydrate lime. And finally, the slaked lime will be packed with packing machine. And all of these facilities are controlled by PLC systems.

    lime slaking system
    Hydrated Lime Processing Plant

    hydrated lime production

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    Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Process

    Lime hydration process is that quicklime is mixed with a proportional amount of water at a controlled rate. When quicklime is combined with water, chemical reaction will take place, producing hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) and heat. The amount of burnt lime and water should be controlled, with extra amount of water being flashed off as steam because of the heat in the process.

    For the hydrated lime production process, it involves a set of machinery. Firstly, quicklime is put into the raw material hopper by truck, then the burnt lime will be crushed to required sizes in the crusher. Then the proper sizes of quicklime is transferred the raw material silo through bucket elevator. Then the quicklime will be fed into hydrator through weighting scale and proper amount of water is metered into the primary and secondary hydrator too. In the hydrators, quicklime and water is mixed thoroughly. To make high quality of slaked lime, tertiary hydrator may be needed. Then the dust collector will collect dust. And then the finished hydrated lime is transferred to separator to separate proper slaked lime and coarse powder. Then the proper sizes of hydrated lime will be transferred to product silo through bucket elevator. Finally, the slaked lime will be packed for use from the product silo.

    Uses of Slaked Lime

    Slaked lime is a versatile industrial mineral that is widely used in various industries, such as construction, water treatment, and other industries. Here are several examples. The hydrated lime can be used to neutralize acid soil and stabilize soil. It can also be applied in water, sewage and waste treatment as an important chemical. And it is also suitable for mortar and plaster applications. The quality of hydrated lime may vary in different applications. So to build your own hydrated lime plant, you should have a better understanding of the properties of the raw material, that is quicklime, production capacity, applications of slaked lime and so on. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Daswell machinery provides tailored solutions for lime hydration plants. We can not only design and plan hydrated lime plants to meet your needs, but also provides complete set of quality equipment.

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