Ground Calcium Carbonate Process

Ground calcium carbonate, commonly referred to as GCC, is widely used as an industrial mineral. Ground calcium carbonate process refers to the ground calcium carbonate manufacturing or production process, in which raw materials are ground to fine and even ultra-fine ground calcium carbonate powder. Usually, limestone or marble, which consist mainly of calcium carbonate, are used as the basic for ground calcium carbonate. To build a ground calcium carbonate process line, a lot of preparation needs to be done. In fact, Daswell offers tailored approach to set up your own ground calcium carbonate plant. In line with your requirements such as raw material quality, capacity, fineness, Daswell will help you design and plan the ground calcium carbonate process, and provide the high quality equipment for you.

Ball Mill and Classifier for Calcium Carbonate Plant
Calcium Carbonate Plant

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Ground Calcium Carbonate Production Line Supplier

Daswell machinery is a leading supplier of ground calcium carbonate process supplier. We have finished several successful projects in North Africa and other areas. With rich experience and professional expertise, Daswell offers customized one-stop solutions for ground calcium carbonate making process. From designing and planning to providing relevant equipment, Daswell helps you with the building of your ground calcium carbonate production line. If you have any interest, please contact Daswell. Our professional expertise will discuss with you about your needs specifically. In fact, there are few important factors, such as the property of the raw materials, the production capacity, the applications, the particle sizes you needs. After this discussion, Daswell professionals will provide tailored solutions to meet your various needs.

ground calcium carbonate process
Ground Calcium Carbonate Process

heavy calcium carbonate powder production
Ground Calcium Carbonate Making Plant

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Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturing Process

Ground calcium carbonate is acquired by grinding raw materials such as limestone or marble. The whole ground calcium carbonate production process consist of crushing, grinding and coating. After the raw material is quarried, the limestone or marble is crushed to smaller sizes. And then these crushed limestone or marble is cleaned and classified to ensure the quality of end product. Then these cleaned limestone or marble will be crushed further to required sizes for the ground calcium carbonate process. Of course, you can buy the raw material of required sizes from others. After the crushing, the raw material will go through the grinding process. The raw material such as limestone will be put into the feed silo. And through the vibrating feeding device, the raw material of suitable sizes will get into the ball mill or wet grinding mill, while the rejected ones will be collected for further crushing. The materials in the ball mill or vertical wet mill will be ground to required sizes. For the ball mill, classifier will be installed to produce ground calcium carbonate powder with more fine particle size. And the unsuitable ones from the classifier will go back to the powder grinding mill. To protect environment and ensure the safety of staff, dust collector will be installed. Finally, these ground calcium carbonate powder will be collected in the product silo through bucket elevator.

calcium carbonate processing plant supplier
Calcium Carbonate Production Process

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Equipment for GCC Production Process

A ground calcium carbonate production line consists of a complete set of equipment. As stated above in the manufacturing process of ground calcium carbonate powder, the process consists of crushing machine, grinding mill, classifier, dust collector, packing machine, transfer equipment such as conveyor or bucket elevator and optional coating machine. For the crushing equipment, you can have your own crushing plant. If you want to reduce costs, you can have primary  or secondary crusher such as jaw crusher or hammer crusher. As for the grinding mills, Daswell mainly provides ball mill with classifier and wet grinding mill. These two sets of grinding mill can produce uniform ground calcium carbonate powder in different fineness with high brightness. To reduce dust in the ground calcium carbonate production line, Daswell supplies high quality dust collectors. When it comes to packing machines, you can choose the fully automatic ones to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Or you can choose to use human labor to pack the product. Transferring and storage devices in the ground calcium carbonate process are also important. Daswell offers various quality transferring and storage devices, such as vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, feed and product silos.

Features of Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturing Process

  • Tailored solutions for ground calcium carbonate manufacturing process. Daswell machinery helps you with professional knowledge in designing and planning ground calcium carbonate plant and provides relevant equipment.
  • Both dry and wet ground calcium carbonate production available. Daswell supplies ball mill combined with classifier and vertical wet grinding mill, which can make ground calcium carbonate both in dry and wet ways.
  • Controlled ground calcium carbonate particle sizes. Both the grinding mills, ball mill with classifier or wet grinding mill, can produce ground calcium carbonate with required fineness.
  • Multiple applications. A ground calcium carbonate production line can produce ground calcium carbonate powder in different sizes for different applications.
  • Optional coating machines. Coated calcium carbonate possesses different properties for other uses.
  • High quality GCC product. Daswell ground calcium carbonate process can make quality end product with uniform quality, high brightness and high purity.
    ground calcium carbonate production process
    Ground Calcium Carbonate Process

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Ground Calcium Carbonate Specification

Ground calcium carbonate or GCC, is a versatile mineral powder widely used in many industries. And as the name implies, it is often produced by grinding limestone, marble or other raw materials. The quality of ground calcium carbonate is usually defined by its three main attributes: particle size, color and chemical purity. And these three attributes define the suitability of use for any given application. So there is no standard solution for building ground calcium carbonate manufacturing process, only customized ones. Daswell machinery company helps you design and plan your ground calcium carbonate production line with tailored turnkey solutions. As a responsible supplier, Daswell will help you understand your needs with several questions. For example, what is the quality of your raw materials? what is the ground calcium carbonate used for? What is the production capacity? More specifically, what is the particle size of ground calcium carbonate powder? Then according to these needs, Daswell will provide you the the most suitable solutions for you.

Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder Uses

Ground calcium carbonate powder is widely used in various industries. For example, due to its white color, ground calcium carbonate is used in paper and plastic fillers, coating and painting. Besides, it can also be used in cement. In all, because of its properties, ground calcium carbonate powder is an important and cheap industrial mineral used in many areas. And the need of ground calcium carbonate is increasing due to the further development of the world economy. In light of its versatile uses, it is of great economic value to build your ground calcium carbonate production line. And Daswell, a professional supplier of ground calcium carbonate making plant, provides you with tailored turnkey solutions for ground calcium carbonate plant.

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