Powder Surface Modification Machine

Powder surface modification machine is the inevitable product of modern high technology and new material development. Recently, it becomes more and more popular. It is widely used in nonmetallic mineral fillers, plastics, rubber and other modern polymer materials, functional materials and coatings industries and other related industries.

Why should the powder be modified? After modification, the powder can not only greatly improve the compatibility between inorganic mineral filler and organic polymer, improve the interface binding force and enhance the mechanical strength and comprehensive properties of the material. Moreover, it can greatly increase the filling amount of powder, reduce the production cost, and endow the product with some special physical and chemical properties.

Therefore, looking for a suitable and high-quality of powder surface coating modification machine is very crucial.

daswell machinery vortex mill coating machine
daswell powder modification machine

UCOAT750 powder surface modificatin machine

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UCOAT750 powder coating machine
vortex mill coating machine

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Model Max. Capacity(t/h) Coating Power Size(μm) 10μm GCC(t/h) Coating Rate(%)
UCOAT500 2 5-23 1.4-1.5 >98
UCOAT750 3 5-23 2.8-3.0 >98
UCOAT1000 6 5-23 4.5-5.0 >98

Different types of powder coating machine

About the types of mineral powder coating machine, our Daswell Machinery company provide our clients with different choices, like vortex mill coating mill, three roller coating machine, high-speed mixing coating machine, etc.

The vortex mill coating machine adopts conical rotor and stator, by adjusting the clearance of rotor and stator to control the fineness and output. Its powerful eddy current flow field makes the material instantaneous crushing, so the material stays in the cavity for a short time, without temperature rise. Nowadays, the new type vortex mill coating machine with classifier is the most advanced coating solution for calcium carbonate in China.

Three-roller coating machine can change the action of cyclone vortex through the relative movement of three rotors to realize the coating of powder surface. Because it can achieve self-friction heat generation, it does not need a heating device, which can save your investment cost.

The high-speed mixing coating machine is suitable for the modification of materials with high modification temperature and long reaction time by silane and other additives.

DC300 three-roller coating machine
DC300 powder surface modification machine

DC300 powder coating machine
three-roller coating machine

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Model DC200 DC300 DC600 DC900
Main Machine Power(KW) 12 55.5 111 225
Spindle Speed(rpm) 5700 4500 2700 2000
Capacity(kg/h) 10-30 500-2000 1500-3500 3000-7500
Dusting Area(m2) 18 60 150 300
Blower Power(KW) 2.2 5.5 22 45

Features of powder modification machine

  1. Our powder surface modification machinecan run continuously, large processing capacity, suitable for various scale of industrial production.
  2. Modified agent has high utilization rate, small dosage, high powder coating rate and activation index, and low energy consumption.
  3. Some calcium carbonate powder modification machines have the function of modification and dispersing, suitable for all kinds of fineness materials. For some materials such as mica powder, talcum powder, it has a unique modification and activation effect.
  4. Material negative pressure operation, good sealing, dust leakage, basically no pollution, good operating environment, low labor intensity.
  5. High-speed gas-solid phase eddy current mixing operation of powder and agent has high modification efficiency and basically does not destroy the original particle shape of powder.
  6. A wide range of applications, a variety of inorganic minerals can be activated. And production temperature and speed can be controlled freely, high production efficiency. Moreover, easy operation and stable running can reduce the labor cost.

SHR series modification machine
SHR series coating machine

SHR series powder modification machine
SHR series modification machine

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Daswell high-speed mixing coating machine for sale
high-speed mixing coating machine

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Model Volume(L) Effective Volume(L) Power(kw) Main Shaft Rotating Speed(rpm) Heating Way Discharge Method
SHR-5A 5 3 1.1 1400 Self-friction Manual
SHR-10A 10 7 3 2000
SHR-25A 25 20 5.5 1440
SHR-50A 50 35 7/11/3 750/1500 Electricity Heating Pneumatic
SHR-100A 100 75 14/22/6 650/1300
SHR-200A 200 150 30/42/9 475/950
SHR-300A 300 225 40/55/9 475/950
SHR-500A 500 375 47/67/12 430/860
SHR-800A 800 600 83/110/15 370/740
SHR-1000A 1000 750 110/160/28 325/650 Self-friction
SHR-200C 200 150 30/42 650/1300
SHR-300C 300 225 47/67 475/950
SHR-500C 500 375 83/110 500/1000

Process requirements of modification

The basic principle of modification is to obtain higher coating rate or modification effect with less coating material or cost. There are many common modification methods, including surface chemical modification, coating modification, mechanochemical modification, etc. The purpose, method and modifier of coating are different, and the modified equipment is also different.

For the basic process requirements of modification, there are the following aspects: The precision measurement and uniform addition and feeding of modifier and material ensure the accuracy of the ratio of the two. And realize the uniform and firm coating of modifier on the surface of the powder, and the product quality is stable; The control of temperature and time of the system should meet the requirements of the process conditions of the modifier to ensure the adequacy of the modification reaction or coating.

If you want to learn more requirement about using the surface powder coating machine, welcome to contact us and get more information.

daswell calcium carbonate coating line
vortex mill coating machine
the good coating system
good coating system

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the Daswell three-roller coating machine
Daswell three-roller coating machine

the Daswell three roller modification machine
the Daswell three-roller power modification machine

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Choose a right modified powder machine

There are various of powder coating manufacturing machine for your selection. So you need to compare these different machines to pick out a suitable one. Here is a chart to give you a quick overview of their respective advantages.

Coating Machine Type Coating Rate Feature
Vortex Mill Coating Machine >98% Continuous production, high coating rate, low stearic acid comsumption, suitable for large scale production and produce high-end product. It is always used to equip with ball mill plant production.
Three-roller Coating Machine >95% Continuous production, which is suitable for large scale production with less investment. It is always used to equip with micro powder roller mill plant production.
High-speed Mixing Coating Machine >98% Batch mixing production, which is better suitable for small scale coating production.

The vortex mill coating machine and three-roller coating machine can achieve the continuous modification. While the high-speed mixing coating machine is modified in batches. In addition, their coating rates are different. The coating rate of vortex mill coating machine can reach 98%, and the high-speed mixing coating machine is the same. At the same time, the coating rate of three-roller coating machine can reach 95%. On the other hand, they have different capacity. You need a rough estimate of how many finished products you need per hour or per day.

If you don’t know much about powder surface grinding coating modification machine, you can send message to us. We can provide you with our coating machine brochure and our engineers also can solve your problems.

Besides powder surface modification machine, we also supply other mineral equipment, such as grinding mill, hydrated lime plant, mineral production plant, etc. Any demand, welcome to contact us and we promise to give you high-quality and right machine!

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