Transport The Ball Mill And Classifier Production Line To Egypt

At the end of 2019, our Daswell Machinery successfully transported the ball mill and classifier production line to Egypt. Egypt is one of our main market, under the introduction of a friend, this client choose our company. From the time he sent us the email to the time the order was closed, it was just over a month.

transport the ball mill to egypt

transport the ball mill equipment
transport the classifier to egypt

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For the mineral processing plant, its configuration is very important. After receiving this email, our salesman replied to him timely. And then, our salesman communicated with our customer about the detail of his production line. Depending on his requirements, we configured this ball mill and classifier productin line for him. Using a period of our machinery, this customer speaks highly of our machine and our service.

transport the ball mill machine
transport the ball mill production line

transport the classifier machine
transport the machine

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Besides the ball mill and classifier production line, our Daswell Machinery also provides other mineral processing plant for our customers, such as, calcium carbonate production line, the limestone processing machine, the quartz grinding plant, hydrated lime plant, etc. If you have any need, welcome to contact us to get a favorable quotes! We will offer you 7*24 hours service!

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