How to Manufacture Ground Calcium Carbonate

Ground calcium carbonate is a versatile industrial material that has been applied in many different sectors, such as paper making, painting, plastic industry and so on. And with development of modernization and industrialization, these industries have been the integral parts of modern life. Accordingly, there is continuously demand of ground calcium carbonate powder. More and more people want to do business in manufacturing ground calcium carbonate. Then how to manufacture ground calcium carbonate? Detailed answers are as follows.

ultrafine calcium carbonate plant

Calcium Carbonate Plant

Calcium carbonate plant is also known as calcium carbonate processing plant, calcium carbonate grinding plant or calcium carbonate manufacturing plant. It is a calcium carbonate production line where ground calcium carbonate powder are made mechanically in factories. With versatile applications ...
grinding ball mill for calcium carbonate

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Mechanically, calcium carbonate powder is get by grinding raw materials such as limestone and marble. The calcium carbonate grinding plant consists of a whole set of equipment like crushers, conveyors, storage silos, grinding mills, classifiers, dust collectors and packing machine ...
calcium carbonate production equipment

Calcium Carbonate Production Line Equipment

Calcium carbonate production line is to produce calcium carbonate powder by grinding basic material such as limestone or marble. And the calcium carbonate plant includes a complete set of calcium carbonate manufacturing equipment. For example, there are crusher, vibrating feeder, ...
coated calcium carbonate production

Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine

Calcium carbonate coating machine for sale in Daswell machinery. Calcium carbonate powder surface coating machine is used to modify the surface of ground calcium carbonate powder. As a result, the property of the ground calcium carbonate powder will be changed ...

Calcium Carbonate Manufacturing Plant

Calcium carbonate manufacturing plant is also called calcium carbonate grinding plant. For the main process of manufacturing ground calcium carbonate is to grind limestone or marble whose main component is calcium carbonate. The ground calcium carbonate processing plant, as a whole calcium carbonate production line, is consisted of a complete set of equipment, such as crusher, conveyor, feeding devices, limestone grinder, air classifier, silo, packing machines and so on. For some production line, calcium carbonate coating machine is also added to produce coated calcium carbonate. Although there are many machines for the calcium carbonate plant, it is easy to operate for there is a control panel.

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Calcium carbonate grinding mill is also called limestone grinding mill. It is the core equipment for calcium carbonate manufacturing plant. Generally, there are two ways of grinding calcium carbonate. One is wet grinding of calcium carbonate and the other is dry grinding of calcium carbonate. According to this classification, there are dry calcium carbonate grinding mill and wet calcium carbonate grinding mill. Besides, due to different designs and working principles, there are varied kinds of limestone grinding mills, such as Raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill, hammer mill, and so on. As these calcium carbonate grinding mills are different in various factors, they are suitable for different applications with different needs. Wonder how to choose the suitable calcium carbonate grinding mill? Please check the article here:

Calcium Carbonate Production Process

Calcium carbonate manufacturing process involves several main stages: crushing, grinding, classifying and packing. For calcium carbonate plant with coating line, there is a coating stage after grinding. Firstly the washed and classified limestone will be crushed in primary and even secondary crusher, so that they can be of required feed sizes. Then the qualified limestone will be directed in raw material silo through hopper. By vibrating feeder, the limestone will enter into calcium carbonate grinding mill. After being ground for a set period of time, the ground calcium carbonate from the mill will go through air classifier. For the air classifier can discard the coarse one while further cut the fineness of ground calcium carbonate powder. And then the fine calcium carbonate powder will be transferred to product silo, waiting for be packed.

Factors to be Considered to Manufacture GCC

  1. Raw material property. The properties of raw material will have great impact on the final product, so you should understand the raw material, such as its hardness, sizes and so on.
  2. Intended applications. Although ground calcium carbonate powder can be used in various industries, it can be different in fineness, whiteness and so on. As a result, you should know the applications of you final product so as to produce GCC powder with required standards.
  3. Desired fineness. A calcium carbonate production line can produce ground calcium carbonate powder with a wide range of fineness. For the fineness can be adjusted through tuning the speed of the calcium carbonate grinding mill, the quantity of mill media, the speed of air classifiers and so on.
  4. Production capacity. Equipped with different grinding mills, calcium carbonate plants can produce calcium carbonate with different capacity. And according to your needs, calcium carbonate manufacturer like Daswell can provide you tailored solution.

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