Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill

Calcium carbonate roller mill is widely used in grinding ground calcium carbonate powder. In the ground calcium carbonate roller mill, there are often several tiers of rollers, which, when activated, will squeeze and rub the feed limestone to calcium carbonate powder. And the roller mill can produce 600-1500 mesh of ground calcium carbonate powder with low energy consumption. While at same time, a stand-alone roller mill can produce low quantity of fine and ultra fine calcium carbonate powder for a set period of time. So if you do not need large capacity of calcium carbonate powder while want to save energy, calcium carbonate roller mill is a suited choice.

calcium carbonate grinding plant
Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill

calcium carbonate roller mill
Ground Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill

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Daswell manufactures and supplies quality calcium carbonate roller mills. And we have delivered many of them to our customers around the world. And here are two recent successful cases.

On April 24th , 2019, Daswell delivered two sets of roller mills to customer in Africa. And their model is DR-1300. And each roller mill is equipped with four rollers. The calcium carbonate roller mills are made of high quality materials, such as high manganese steel. While on May 19th,2019, Daswell delivered another set of calcium carbonate roller mill as well as a crusher to another customer in Africa. And these machines will be used to crush and grind limestone to obtain 45 micron calcium carbonate powder for coating industry. With this new one, Daswell has already sold more than 25 sets of calcium carbonate roller mills in Africa.

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