Ball Mill System with Classifier for Producing Calcium Carbonate

When it comes to grinding calcium carbonate, there are many ways with different grinding mills. However, of all these ways, ball mill combined with classifier is one of the most used way for manufacturing ground calcium carbonate powder. For paired with classifier, calcium carbonate ball mill can produce high quality ultra fine ground calcium carbonate powder with 600-2500 mesh. Ball mill for grinding calcium carbonate is well known for great production capacity. What’s more, the ball mill and classifier system for calcium carbonate can operate continuously. As for energy consumption, Daswell ball mill and classifier system has been greatly improved so that they consume less energy in operation.

ball mill classifying system for calcium carbonate

Ball Mill for Grinding Calcium Carbonate

Ball mill grinder is usually used to grind crushed materials, such as ores, chemicals, ceramic raw material and others. This article mainly talks about ball mill for grinding calcium carbonate. Ground calcium carbonate powder is in greater demand worldwide in ...
Air Classifier for Calcium Carbonate

Air Classifier for Calcium Carbonate

Air classifier is an industrial machine to separate materials by a combination of size, shape and density. And of course air classifier can be used to separate different materials. Usually, an air classifier can work alone, or work with grinding ...

Calcium Carbonate Ball Mill

As a grinding mill, ball mill has been used for more than a century. Currently, the ball mill technology with diameter below 5 meters has met international standard. However, when it comes to grinding calcium carbonate or quartz, there are still many misunderstandings. For example, ball mill for calcium carbonate is not suitable for making ultra fine calcium carbonate powder, and there can be great iron contamination which lower the whiteness degree, also it can be high energy consumption. In fact, with the constant effort and innovation, Daswell has solved these questions and developed cost efficiency ball mill for calcium carbonate.

Key Features of Daswell Ball Mill

  • Improve grinding efficiency. Daswell calcium carbonate grinding ball mill is equipped with unique screening and liner structures which improve efficiency of output fine calcium carbonate powder.
  • High capacity with low energy consumption. Compared with normal ball mill, Daswell ball mill for calcium carbonate improves capacity by 20-50%, while lower energy consumption by 15-40%.
  • High wear-resistant material. The liner and ball media of Daswell ball mill for calcium carbonate are made of these wear-resistant material so that the calcium carbonate ball mill can work for long life time.
  • Adjustable liner and ball media. According to property of raw material and fineness requirements, the liner structures and ball media of ball mill can changed accordingly so as to meet requirements.
  • High whiteness. The inner liner of calcium carbonate can be equipped with ceramic and steel liners to reduce contamination.
2255 ball grinding mill plant
ball grinding mill plant
2255 ball mill plant for sale
2255 ball mill

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SpecificationGrinding capacity
Capacity for getting 600 mesh-2500 mesh powder
Power (kw)

Calcium Carbonate Air Classifier

Air classifier can further cut the calcium carbonate powder from ball mill to fine and ultra fine fineness. And sometimes, according to customers’ needs in powder fineness, there can be also more than one classifiers needed. Daswell air classifiers have different numbers of classifier wheels. And combined with calcium carbonate ball mill, air classifier for calcium carbonate is core equipment for grinding calcium carbonate plant. After grinding in the calcium carbonate ball mill, the ground calcium carbonate will be directed to classifier or more than one classifiers. In the classifier, the ground calcium carbonate will be cut into fine and ultra-fine powder, which be blown into product silo through bucket elevator. For the coarse ground calcium carbonate powder, they will be rejected and transported to ball mill for second time grinding.

Ball Mill and Classifying System for Grinding Calcium Carbonate

If you want to produce high capacity of ultra fine ground calcium carbonate, the best suited way of producing fine calcium carbonate is to use ball mill with ultra-fine classifying system. To get desired fineness ground calcium carbonate, both the turning speed of ball mill and classifier can be adjusted. Quality equipment for calcium carbonate plant can be operated in time and guarantee the contractual capacity. The ball mill and classifier system for grinding calcium carbonate is an investment for 20 and 30 years rather than several years. Daswell will offer turnkey solutions for calcium carbonate plant according to customers’ requirements. Daswell ball mill and classifier is of high quality so that they can work for a long service time.

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